A recumbent trike offers the same comfort level of a recumbent bike while providing a safer
and more relaxed ride. Like any recumbent, the usual ride induced sore parts from road
and mountain bikes are eliminated. Neck, wrist, back, and rear parts pains simply no longer
occur. The stability of three wheels adds a large margin of safety to a premier activity that
successfully combines pleasure and exercise. Your safe riding experience will be
unaffected by adverse road conditions such as gravel, ruts, and even patches of ice and
snow. Whether your goal is a relaxing ride or vigorous aerobic activity, a trike provides a
comfortable, extremely enjoyable, and safe way to accomplish it.

Arrange for a personal test ride and find out for yourself how easy and fun trike riding is and
how safe and comfortable you feel while you're doing it.
For specific trike information or experienced advice,
chasjstern@comcast.net or call 303-618-5711
Recumbent bike or trike?
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