Wrist rests are especially well suited for trikes.  A trike without
wrist rests is a bit like a car without arm rests.  Since a light touch
works best for trikes, a rest allows a relaxed grip of the bars and
provides a very useful hand support.  Wrist rests will  fit almost any
trike.  Lower and upper rests are available.  Upper rests are padded
mirror arms and require that Mountain Mirrycle mirrors be in place at
the tops of the handlebars.
The Grip is ultra durable and stiff--strong enough
to lift the whole trike.  It is used to get in and out of
the trike, will hold any light or computer, and can be
used to lift the trike with a ceiling mounted hoist.
This application of bar-end shifters was designed
to keep the mirrors at the normal top location.  
The mirrors in this position also allow upper wrist
rests to be utilized.  The shifters work very well
in this location--much as they were designed for.
Please ask if you need a custom part or special
installation for a particular application:  
This is an SRAM X9 trigger shifter installation on a
QNT.  It was designed for a rider with limited wrist
motion.  These shifters use only the thumb, for
shifting up
and down.  The shifting is smooth and
precise and is an excellent alternative to either grip
shift or bar-end shifters for any who like this very
precise style of shifter.  Shimano trigger shifters
will work just as well in the same location.
Upper, in shop only:
Currently available in three sizes.
and other trikes