The ICE side handlebar bag mount allows
mounting a QR handlebar bag at the side
of the seat--a very handy position.  Check
the accessories page for several bag
Options and accessories for
The ICE suspension rack is quite
robust and accommodates
panniers and grocery bags. The
rack is available with a top for
20" trikes which enables fitting of
trunk bags.  The rack need not be
removed for folding.
The ICE quick release kit allows complete folding without tools. For front axles, boom, and front fenders.  
Available separately for axles, boom, and fenders.  QR knobs for lost seat clamps also available.
The chainring guard enhances safety and
keeps greasy chainring marks off of the riders
legs and clothing.  It will fit or can be adapted
to fit other brands of trikes.
$189.00  and  $226.00
Front axles disc  $27.00
A neck rest is available for all ICE
models and is most useful with more
reclined seat positions.
Upgrade with a rear disc BB7 parking and drag
brake.  This brake holds fast and is very
effective as a down hill drag brake.
$65.00 to $95.00   Adventure or Sprint
Seat adjusters for short riders, generally around 5' 1" tall and
less--FF bracket--and tall riders, generally 6'4" and more --FB
bracket--are available to improve the fitting range of the trikes.
Fiberglass upgrade from mesh  $185.00
New 2011 seat fabric with top
zippered pocket.  Works best with
foam seat bottom pad.
Front light mount for ICE
trikes with bottle bosses on
the front derailleur tube.
This is the rack
for the all of the
rigid rear models
including 20", 26",
and 700c models.
A rear fender is pretty much necessary on trikes. Full
coverage rear fenders are offered for all models.  Rear
fenders need not be removed when folding ICE trikes.
20"  $37.00
A short crankset is available with an arm length of 150mm or 152mm and with two different ring sets,
22-32-44 and 24-36-48.  Both have 7075 aluminum machined rings.  Prices are model dependent for
new ICE trikes and depend on ICE factory crank (22-32-44) or Andel crank (24-36-48).
With a new trike, price will depend on configuration.
A fiberglass or carbon fiber Pro-Air hardshell
seat is available for
any of the ICE models.  A
trike can be ordered with a hardshell seat or
it can be purchased separately.  Prices do
not include mounts and shipping.
Front mudguards are easy to install for protection from wet surface
riding.  They install with a single bolt atop the headsets for rigid
front and pre-2016 suspended and three bolt down under mounting
for late 2016 and newer front suspension trikes.
Computer sender mount fits at the tie rod end.  
Needed for mounting a wireless sender on
older disc brake models and all new models.
Radical Alfa side pods for mesh seats.  Light weight large capacity (25 ltr.) bags.  They
don't require a rack so can be used alone or together with additional rack supported bags.
Spare elastomers
:  soft to 125 lbs.,
medium to 200 lbs.,
hard to 250 lbs.
The easy adjust chain kit allows
riders of differing leg lengths to
ride the same ICE trike without
changing the length of the chain.
Adventure, Sprint, Full Fat and VTX
$138.00  installed in house w/upgrade lever
Spare elastomers for
front suspension:  soft,
medium, hard.
Retrofit front suspension will fit all ICE standard trikes (not the custom models)  
Includes all parts for pre-2010 models and is, of course, bolt on for 2010 and later
trikes.  Loaner tools for bearing cup change out (pre-2010) are included with order.
Kingposts only, for 2010 and later, pair  $938.00
Separate purchase w/ BB:  $165.00 and $265
Front axles drum $37.00
QRs for boom  $25.00
With top $275.00
26"  $40.00
700c  $32.00
Carbon fiber upgrade from mesh  $370.00
Carbon fiber separate purchase  $594.00
Fiberglass separate purchase  $409.00
Retro fit kit, pre-2010 with headset kit  $1103.00
Open cell foam seat bottom pad for
mesh seats.  While normally a bottom
pad it can also be used in the back for
additional padding.
$95.00 to $105.00   VTX
Bottle cage riser elevates the bottle cage
and allows it to point toward the rider.  
Particularly applicable for short riders
who have the boom nearly all the way in.
Central computer mount allows mounting
the computer on the boom under or without
a bottle cage.
Helping handles are available for all
Adventure and Sprint models.  This is
an excellent assist device for safe
entry and exit from the trike.
ICE spanner for Capreo cassette
removal and installation.
Replacement ICE custom Capreo cassette, 9-32T, 9 speed.
Replacement ICE custom Capreo cassette, 9-34T, 10 speed.
Excellent upgrade for the plastic
factory parking brake lever. All
metal moving parts, smooth
operation, friction lever.
Radical banana racer bags for Air Pro seats.
ICE new style seat clamps.  Can replace any of the previous styles.  Specifically designed to
avoid coming loose.  Price per pair.
$200.00 for VTX
Full Fat  $69.00
$121.00  HD
$25.00  HD