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New/Demo trikes in stock:

Adventure 20 FS regular/HD (seat/suspension choice) in blue w/drum brakes (New/Demo)

Sprint 20 FS in red w/90mm drum brakes and Dual Drive hub (New/Demo)
ICE Adventure has a higher
riding position and more
upright seating. Getting on
and off is easier and there is
more ground clearance.
Inspired Cycle Engineering
ICE VTX is sleek and lean. VTX
has the lowest seating position
and is built for speed. Light weight
and race components make this
trike special.
ICE offers the original owner a 10 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
for the frame, seat, and steering components (terms and conditions apply).
Full Fat
ICE Full Fat's virtues are
simple: go anywhere,
anytime. Around town, off
road, and snow are all a
go with Full Fat.
Inspired Cycle Engineering has over 25 years of experience in designing and developing exceptional
recumbent trikes. As a result, ICE trikes are packed with precision engineered features and hours have
been spent perfecting every detail.  With ergonomically designed seat, ICE Road Response suspension,
and the ICE Rider Positioning system, every ICE rider can be assured of a comfortable ride.
Adventure HD
Adventure HD is 2"
wider with a wider and
deeper seat incuding
more space between
the handlebars. Weight
capacity is increased to
325 lbs. and the frame
is 2" longer for the very
tall rider.
Sprint X
ICE Sprint has a low and
sporty riding position..The
seat is a bit more reclined
with lower overall weight
ICE Sprint X is a practical cousin of
the VTX.  Besides folding, Sprint X
offers seat options, adjustable
handlebars, and suspension options.