A car top rack is a secure method with a reasonable
cost.  One of the best examples I have found is the
one shown here.  The rails attached to the car can
be Thule or Yakima.  The trays are by Thule,
Yakima, or Rocky Mounts.
The Trike Store offers complete support of the ICE line of trikes by stocking more parts than
most dealers in the country.

Test rides are available with direct trail access from the front door and can include a hill climb,
30 mph descent, and dirt surfaced trail.

We have a residential location and are available by appointment.
With  a little planning, trike transport is easier than you think.
We use one of these, but almost any vehicle with a rear hatch will work.  The
ICE trikes can be partially or fully folded when necessary.
Trike specific racks are excellent for transport such as this one from:  
Alpaca Carriers
These wild and crazy trikers, Cal and
Dee rode from Kansas to Alaska and
more!  Read more about their amazing
trike trips by using the link above.
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High Visibility Shirts
A NEW grand touring adventure for 2012!
Stan and Margaret Huntting
Read more here:
Touring on a LoGo:
exceptional tour, excellent read!
Here's a great journey to follow.  Kurt, the dad, and Zoe the nine year old
daughter rode across the US on trike and Trets.  Follow along for a grand
STAY SAFE!  These T shirts are HIGHLY visible, come
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High Visibility T Shirts
Can you travel with a trike?
How about Thailand?
Follow along here:  
Thailand, Myron
and here:  
Thailand, Steven
ICE Antarctic record holder
and basis for the Full Fat: