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Adventure HD       

All models in the Adventure range offer a more  comfortable option for the larger
rider--taller, heavier or both. The HD option is a stronger wider trike with a weight
limit of 330 pounds and X seam up to 50 inches which normally would include a
height around 6' 6".  The best part may be the wider deeper seat for anyone who
either needs it or happens to like it better.
Adventure 20 or 26 rear

Adventure rigid 20 or 26
or suspended 20 or 26 rear

Adventure 20 or 26
full suspension

And you can choose:

Drum or disc brakes
Geared drive trains or
Internal hub drive trains
Standard or short cranks
Standard or optional tires
Mesh or hardshell seat
Parking brake options
And more fine details
one color, many choices
Base model pricing (20/26 similar):
$2995.......24 speed rigid/no suspension
$3865.......27 speed rear suspension
$4115.......30 speed rear suspension
$4175.......Shimano Alfine 24 speed
$4005.......Dual Drive rear 27/81 speed
$5255.......Rohloff hub with 14 speeds
Beginning base prices:

$3150........20 rigid
$3099........26 rigid
Each additional category is roughly
$100 more than standard Adventure